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  • Are you looking for a uniquely designed and customized trousers hanger ? Make your choice on Authentiques Paris, your manufacturer of custom-made hangers designed in France. We make models for all your needs in terms of French hangers for men’s pants :
    Pants hanger with velvet flocked bar or pants hangers with flat rubber clips to avoid any marks on your clothes.

    Why choose Authentiques Paris hangers for men ?

    Authentiques Paris has built its expertise in the manufacturing of men’s and women’s hangers through its long years of experience. We design wardrobe accessories with different models handmade in France in our workshops in Cholet.
    The luxury hangers for pants and shirts are made with the same care that has made our reputation over the years. The materials are carefully chosen, as well as the finishing touches which we control meticulously according to our quality charter. The great luxury houses constitute a large part of our clientele.

    What kind of hangers does Authentiques Paris offer for your pants ?

    The Authentiques Paris wooden trousers hanger can have several finishes to embellish your wardrobe, making your high-end hanger inimitable.
    We make our French hangers for men with beech wood. Easy to work with, beech wood is strong and shock resistant. We offer several finishes for your wooden pants hanger. Order your personalized hanger now.

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