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  • High-end dressing room furniture

    Custom-made Furniture

    Authentiques Paris is a brand remarkable for the authenticity of its creations with a touch of modernity. In our workshops in the Loire Valley, the made in France’s concept takes on its full meaning. Our craftsmen prepare and work the leather by hand to design high-end dressing room accessories. Our custom-made furniture will meet all your requirements!

    Are you a gourmet restaurant owner? You wish to personalize your wine cellar? You plan to give your luxury boutique a new decorative dimension? Order your custom furniture.

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    mobilier sur-mesure
    High-end custom table
    mobilier sur mesure luxe
    High-end custom table

    Atelier Authentiques Paris : We make your tables and other custom furniture

    Your high-end custom table is made on demand in our workshops. For all your creations, adapt their configuration to the style of your interior, we create them and adjust them to the size and structure of your space.
    Authentiques Paris tables are a true combination of craftsmanship and design, and are also functional. We realize among others your kitchen tables in restaurants, your reception desks in hotels, stores or bookstores.
    You wish to create a professional cutting board for your kitchen? Discover our choice of cutting boards supported by large drawers. As a worthy custom table maker, we push the limits of our creativity to satisfy your most stringent requirements.
    Authentiques Paris also makes your dining tables according to your needs. It’s up to you to personalize every detail: straight edge, sculpted edge, minimalist or more extravagant design. Your product will be unique and inimitable.
    Solid wood tables inlaid with leather are one of our craftsmen’s specialties. Round, square, oval or rectangular, tell us what you need! Here too, the leather is worked with brio by our specialists. We take care of the entire production chain, from finding the material you want to quality control and delivery of your order.
    The solid wood that we used to manufacture your personalized luxury tables is treated to resist wear and tear. This noble and warm material is carefully worked to meet your expectations.

    We make your high-end dressing room

    Draw the outline of your project, we take care of the rest! You wish to dress your closet with an exceptional furniture to receive your clothes and your valuable shoes?
    We study with you the plan of realization of your project and conceive the pieces of furniture to your taste and according to the configuration of your space. Personalize your storage space, make the most of every corner and choose the shape and type of dressing room of your dreams.
    Do you want a closet equipped with high-quality hangers and rods? We can make hangers for you in leather, fabric or natural wood. Our manufacturing charter meets the standards required in France and in Europe: we do not use toxic products in the color mixtures.
    You have dozens of choices of colors and tones of the leather, as well as for the fabric that will dress your luxury hangers to hang your men’s or women’s clothes.

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    plan cave à vin accessoires luxe
    Wine Cellar
    cave à vin sur mesure haut de gamme
    Wine Cellar Design

    Authentiques Paris, the ultimate french luxury brand

    At Authentiques Paris, we know how to combine trends, styles and authenticity. Authentiques Paris has been serving its select clientele for over 20 years. We master all the crafts that have made France a breeding ground for unique artisans in the world and whose know-how is no longer to be proven.
    Authentiques Paris brings its know-how, sometimes ancestral, collected in the four corners of France for decades. Our artisans master the global works of craftsmanship. They have experience and expertise in many trades.
    We have an entire team specialized in assembly, machining, leather sheathing and finishing of custom-made products ordered by our clients who work in the luxury world.
    All the materials used in the Authentiques Paris workshops come from European and French companies. We privilege the traceability of our products and our supply places to reassure you in your project.
    In an era where new technologies are at the heart of most trades, we implement different techniques as a custom furniture manufacturer. For example, we train our craftsmen in various digital methods, such as CNC carving of a custom table or a custom luxury walk-in closet.