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    Finely cut fabrics with a French historical motif dress our hangers, which are among the most chic in our collection. Designed by Charles Burger, a historic specialist in upholstery fabrics since 1860, our hanger covers give a new dimension to this useful accessory. Don’t worry about your delicate clothes. Authentiques Paris’s luxury fabric hangers give you the assurance of a tidy dressing room in your home!


    Authentiques Paris’s French fabric hangers are much more than storage accessories. They reinvent themselves with new qualities and add an original decoration to your high-end closet.
    Authentiques Paris chic fabric hangers are a touch of elegant decoration par excellence. You don’t have a wardrobe in your house? Don’t hide your hangers in the closet! They will find their place almost everywhere in your home. Avoid the cumbersome effect.
    Hang them in your bedroom, for example, to hold your linens. In the garden, dry your delicate laundry on a fabric hanger. You avoid the marks left by clothespins that can tarnish the quality of your clothes.
    They avoid marking your most precious clothes and belongings, your lingerie, silk shirts and delicate jackets. These types of garments that often need to be patiently ironed are not likely to wrinkle.
    You save time and space. With their ideal size, they allow you to stop folding the clothes you hang. The Authentiques Paris hangers are covered with a high quality foam before being sheathed in fabrics made by Charles Burger. They last over time and are weather resistant.

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    Emblem of fashion, France has a unique craft industry in the world. This know-how has lasted for decades, thanks to the perseverance of the artisanal workshops that have preserved it.
    Charles Burger has been producing beautiful editions of handcrafted fabrics since the middle of the 19th century. As with the best craftsmen and manufacturers from all over France, the house collaborates with Authentiques Paris to produce customizable fabric hangers.
    As a worthy publisher of high quality fabrics, Charles Burger fully controls the entire production chain. The specialists select the patterns and designs to be reproduced on the fabrics, choose the printing fabrics and control the quality of the final products.
    The European Community being intransigent on the composition of the products, the dyes used by Charles Burger respect the standard of colors free of toxic materials.
    The mixtures are thus well thought out to reproduce beautiful colors while minimizing the carbon footprint. Charles Burger collaborates exclusively with partners recognized for their precious know-how.
    Authentiques Paris meets this criterion perfectly, creating high-end fabric hangers that are both solid and decorative.


    Flat hangers, clip-on hangers and padded hangers, the choice of types of hangers is wide. Padded, fabric-covered hangers are by far the most likely not to snag your clothes. The manufacturer of Authentiques Paris hangers has understood your needs. Smooth and soft, they remain a practical solution for you.
    At Authentiques Paris, we have a rich collection of hangers for all your needs.
    Our Royale collection features the most unique fabric hangers for your most fragile or precious garments. Choose the colors that suit you, from vitamin pink to black and gold. Floral patterns have retained their prestige. The fashion of flowers is indeed historical in France. Flowers mark spring, fertility and grace. But today, floral patterns are not just for women. Men’s jackets can be hung on fabric hangers made in France Authentiques Paris. Hang your jackets without apprehension.
    Authentiques Paris also offers its Heritage collection with wooden hangers covered with decorative and solid leather pieces. With their minimalist, yet chic design, these hangers hold and protect your clothes.
    Our Imperial collection is also one of our best-sellers. The beech wood is covered with 3-piece jointed leather with trunk-style stitching. These hangers can combine two materials, if you wish to personalize them, and offer an optimal support for your clothes. Authentiques Paris offers you more than 70 colors to choose from for the custom-made hanger you wish to order. The leather we use comes from the best tanneries in France and Italy.
    In our set of leather hangers, we also offer you the pieces of the Prestige collection. The beech wood is this time covered with three pieces of leather overlaid with decorative stitching. For this collection we offer over 70 differents leather colors and textures for your custom hanger. Choose from our smooth leather, nubuck, etc. hangers.
    Authentiques Paris can personalize your luxury hanger. Put your logo for example on your personalized fabric hangers. We also offer you to order your high-end hanger with digital printing or embroidery.

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