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  • Personalized hangers

    Customization of your hanger

    Your personalized hangers right to the end of the hook! You can choose from a wide choice of additional options to create your hangers to suit your own wardrobe.

    Choice of colors of hook, darts, notches and / or non-slip on the shoulders … Up to the marking of your logo or initials on your personalized hangers..

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    We offer you a wide choice of options to make your personalized hangers !

    Our interactive 3D configurator , unique in the world for hangers, allows you to immediately visualize your choices. Personalization is done right to the end of the hook without forgetting, of course, the possibility of inserting your logo on the luxury hangers.

    Once you have chosen the hanger model you can create your personalized hanger by adding the following options:

    • Choice of hook colors, trouser bar for suit hanger, bar with clips for tailor hanger, notches on shoulders, non-slip velvet flocking on shoulder.
    • We are very happy to affix your signature (logo or initials) on your luxury designer hangerand we therefore offer different types of possible markings depending on the materials used: by pad printing or laser on wooden hangers and by embroidery, iron a gold, digital print on the leather hangers.