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  • Customized services with Authentiques Paris

    More than a trend, the choice of a custom-made is a spirit in its own right. Whether it’s for clothing or even more so for furniture, customization offers a multitude of advantages. At Authentiques Paris, we understand your expectations and your requests in terms of dressing rooms and accessories of all kinds intended to sublimate your interior spaces.

    Whether it is for professional or personal use, or to decorate the high-end dressing rooms of a luxurious residence, a private jet or a prestigious boat, we design for you a whole range of custom accessories.


    For your convenience and to bring a personal touch to your interior spaces, we design a whole range of accessories in perfect harmony with these creations. Based on your personal projects, we create for you a designer step stool for your dressing room, a luxury wooden chair or a personalized wooden shoehorn. These accessories are created according to your tastes and requests.

    Enhance your custom dressing room with a high-end dressing step stool or a luxury dressing chair and you will benefit from several advantages.

    • Take advantage of a layout adapted to your needs and your fantasies. Your expectations and desires are fulfilled with a dressing room accompanied by its range of personalized accessories. Your storage is thus installed in a space that you have chosen personally. Its characteristics are studied and personalized in order to respect the harmony of the room.
    • Personalize your dressing room to the maximum. Thus, various essentials pieces are proposed to you. Authentiques Paris offers you accessories such as the shoe shine mat, a luxury accessory that can be delivered with all the necessary equipment for the maintenance of your leather shoes. Also, the dressing stepladder or the dressing chair, designed to perfectly match your dressing room. The high end personalized wooden shoehorns are a must in your original and exclusive dressing room.


    Our long and rich experience in the world of dressing rooms and handicrafts allows us to conceive a fitting at the height of exclusivity. According to your needs and to materialize a project born from your imagination, Authentiques Paris is able to conceive furniture, high-end closet or wine cellars personalized as well as all the useful accessories for your comfort.

    Our know-how in craftsmanship and meticulous woodworking extends today to the creation of tables for gastronomic establishments and the realization of custom-made high-end dressing rooms.

    • A dressing room is not simply a functional piece of furniture designed to store your clothes in your office or home.
    • This storage can be considered as a reflection of your personality. Your taste for precise and quality storage of your belongings and your preference for furniture that reflects your image can be seen at the first sight of your custom-made dressing room.

    Benefit from the know-how of a craftsman passionate about his job.
    With Authentiques Paris, you benefit from the expertise of a professional steeped in French excellence. Your custom furniture manufacturer will accompany you from the first hours of your project to its completion for your complete satisfaction.


    With more than 20 years of experience, Authentiques Paris knows the essential ingredients for the success of a walk-in closet projects in your image. Creators of luxury and custom-made hangers, our ambition to always satisfy our customers’ expectations pushes us to elaborate a set of products that can be customized to your image.

    Known as manufacturers of hangers, our passion for craftsmanship and wood encourages us to push the limits of creativity.
    Our expertise allows us to create a wide range of personalized accessories according to our clients’ personal projects.

    • Our custom products range from personalized wooden hangers to high-end fabric or leather hangers.
    • Our custom hangers are the ultimate accessories to enhance your wardrobe. Designed according to your preferences, they are made according to a range of customization allowing you to choose their sheathing, their pattern, but also their hook.